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Pool Remodels

Stress Relinquished. Tranquility Unveiled. Take the Plunge.

Whether it's a place to cozy up on a chilly winter night or the ideal spot to cool off during the sweltering summer months...

We first need to ascertain your objectives for your pool and the totality of your outdoor living space in order to renovate a pool that is specifically matched to your backyard. From that point, our work starts. Our job is to use your suggestions to make sure you have a fantastic time in your pool, both the first time you cannonball in and for many years to come.

We begin by creating the unique space for each customer. This takes more time throughout the creative process, but it also gives each Allied pool a personal touch. Our aim is to ensure that we give a life-changing environment where your family and friends can create enduring memories, whether it's a room to warm up on a brisk winter evening or the ideal place to cool off during the dog days of summer. What else could possibly be more crucial than that?


Create Memories with Family & Friends

Parties and social gatherings are best held around a pool. A pool is a versatile and enjoyable environment that can help you make enduring memories with the people you care about, whether you are splashing around and playing games in the water, relaxing by the pool on a sunny day, or sharing a BBQ with friends.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Swimming pools offer a simple and fun option to exercise frequently and maintain physical activity. Exercise that improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and range of motion, and is low-impact and effective is swimming. Additionally, it promotes spending more time outside, which has been proved to be good for both physical and mental health.

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Increases Property Value

A newly renovated pool may make a world of difference, even though pools are very desirable, especially in warm climates like Texas where outdoor facilities are very sought after. Your home's curb appeal and aesthetic value can both increase with an upgraded pool, making it a valuable asset that appeals to more purchasers.

Unwind & De-Stress After a Long Day

A enjoyable and soothing method to cool off and relax that can help to lower stress and enhance general mental health is to spend time in the water.


Pool Renovation Considerations

Pool Remodeling

Your current pool can be upgraded by Carolina Hardscapes so that it appears to be a completely new place. Remodeling frequently involves replacing worn-out plaster and waterline tile, adding new water features like waterfalls or slides, and repairing the decking and coping.

Pool Refinishing

Your home's swimming pool can be renovated and resurfaced by Carolina Hardscapes to fix damage like cracks and chips or to give the pool a completely new look. This will make the pool easier to maintain while also enhancing its general beauty and usability.

Pool Plastering

Replastering a pool can give it a new, smooth, and appealing finish. Cleaning and prepping the pool's surface, adding a fresh coat of plaster or another substance, and smoothing and completing the surface are all steps in the replastering process.




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"Carolina Hardscapes turned our backyard into a paradise. Their attention to detail and creativity in design were impressive. We couldn't be happier with the stunning results."

- Lucy J.

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