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Carved Stone

Create with Carved Stone

A custom, hand-crafted hardscaped surface that’s perfectly tailored to you.

As versatile as it is beautiful, Carvestone is capable of overlaying stable surfaces including concrete, pea gravel, pool coping, decorative concrete and pool decking without removing your existing concrete. When you select a resurfacing or overlay product as flexible as Carvestone, there are very few limitations to where your project can go.

Once an aesthetic is chosen, we’ll start creating. The rigorous process of hand-texturing, carving, coloring, and grouting each Carvestone will ensure your maximum durability along with the most appealing results possible.



One of the only overlay products on the market made to resist the weight of moving vehicles and the rigors of time itself is Carvestone. In fact, a lot of the driveways we built more than ten years ago still look stunning.


A Carvestone application offers you the most control out of any of our products. To perfectly integrate with your existing environment, you choose the appearance and feel. After that, your concept will be brought to life by our talented artisans.

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In order to combat slipperiness, we have designed two layers of defense. We maneuver the recently laid Carvestone to raise a grain that will provide traction. To further increase slide resistance, we mix a non-skid ingredient into our sealant.


Carvestone is made to perform well in the temperatures where other surfaces start to degrade, making it ideal for the North and South Carolina. To make sure you choose the best surface for your needs and environment, you will sit down with one of our experts.


Carvestone Considerations

More Durable than Concrete

Carvestone is almost twice as strong as regular concrete with a PSI value over 5,000. Despite the tough Carolinas weather, its high rating helps to reduce its chance of cracking and keep its charm for many years.

Sealed For Protection

Our Carvestone installations are sealed, unlike standard concrete or many other overlay options, to help shield your surface from the unrelenting Carolinas sun and other damaging elements that come into touch with your surface.

Tailored to You

Our hand-crafted installation techniques guarantee that we can accomplish the desired aesthetic. Each stone is individually troweled, carved, painted, and grouted by hand; the color is chosen from a sample board so you may watch it take shape.


Our Build Process

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