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Patios & Pool Decks

Make Your Dream Backyard a Reality - Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Pool decks and patios are the perfect setting for relaxation.

The existing pool deck and patio surfaces we encounter are often builder grade products: plain concrete, spray decking, and pea gravel. At Allied, we know that the world of surfaces can be so much more interesting. From our beautifully crafted Carvestone overlay to modern paver and classic travertine applications, your options to improve your outdoor pool are nearly endless.

Choosing the right material isn’t as simple as selecting the most aesthetically pleasing product. Your selection should also address the functional needs for your space. A pool decking material must be slip resistant and supply a moderate temperature. A patio material near your outdoor kitchen must be stain resistant and more durable. Lastly, the level of maintenance required by your selection must be something you’re comfortable completing. We’re here to educate, advise and deliver a beautiful surface perfectly suited for the needs of your outdoor living space.

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A Space to Entertain Guests

Adding a patio or pool deck to your home is a great way to entertain guests and make your outdoor space more inviting and enjoyable. With a pool deck, you can set up a seating area and create a comfortable and convenient space for your guests to gather. Additionally, a pool deck can provide easy access to your pool, allowing your guests to enjoy a refreshing swim or splash around in the water.

Increase Property Value

A well-designed and well-maintained patio or pool deck can add aesthetic value to your property, enhancing its overall curb appeal and increasing its value. This can be a valuable asset for potential buyers, many of whom are looking for a home with ample outdoor space.


Extend Living Space

A patio or pool deck can also provide additional outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or enjoying the outdoors. They also provide a functional space, providing a flat, stable surface for outdoor furniture and activities.

Time Tested Construction Techniques

Allied uses time tested construction techniques to ensure your patio or pool deck is strong, durable and long lasting. For raised patios, we use concrete footings to help distribute weight evenly across the ground, preventing sinking or shifting over time. For floor level patios and pool decks, we use concrete to create flat, stable surfaces, treated lumber for framing, and galvanized steel hardware that prevents rust.


Patio & Pool Deck Considerations

Carvestone Patios & Pool Decks

A concrete surface that’s retained its structural integrity but has lost its aesthetic over the years may be a great candidate for a Carvestone overlay. Our overlay product can be installed directly over the top of your existing patio or pool deck and can revive what may have become an outdated space. It’s durable, beautiful, and entirely customized to your space.

Paver Patios & Pool Decks

A paver solution is the most durable application that can be installed on your patio or pool deck. Beyond its durability, it’s also beautiful, offering an enormous variety of different aesthetic options. The wide range of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes allow a paver application to fit seamlessly in with almost any style we’re looking to complement.

Enlarging Patios & Pool Decks

We’re often in a scenario where our clients are looking to enlarge their space. Whether it's being extended to create a new space or simply adding a few seats, one of the major concerns they share is making certain the old surface blends with the new. As an experienced remodeler, we understand this and make a point of concerning ourselves with the final product we leave you with….even the areas we may not have constructed.


Our Build Process

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